Convictional Careers

Growth Specialist
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Convictional’s vision is to Build the Operating System for B2B Trade. We are backed by leading Silicon Valley investors including Y Combinator. Convictional has been featured in Forbes and was named as a Top 10 Y Combinator startup in their Winter 2019 batch (out of 205 startups). 


We are seeking a high-energy and ambitious Growth Specialist to join our growing revenue team and to lead the growth of Convictional’s vendor network. The role is a hybrid of sales and marketing. It is meant to provide exposure to sales and growth with future career opportunities in sales and marketing as an Account Executive or as a Growth Marketer. 

The purpose of this role is to grow the size of Convictional’s vendor network by convincing vendors of Convictional’s value, signing them up for a vendor account, and sharing vendor data with our Account Executives for prospecting. You will design and implement outreach cadences (using cold email, cold calling, and LinkedIn) that are aimed at driving conversations with vendors. You will then qualify interested vendors against a set of criteria and add them to the network. You will design drip campaigns that engage the network with Convictional. You will also have an opportunity to build a vendor referral program aimed that incentivizes vendors to refer other vendors or buyers. The role will involve variable compensation and will involve a quota purely based on qualified vendor sign-ups.

Required Skills


  • Design cold outreach cadences (cold emailing and calling) that drive conversations with vendors. 
  • Lead vendor qualifications calls independently and onboard them to Convictional. 
  • Use social proof in order incentivize vendors to come into the network and join. 
  • Design drip campaigns that keep the vendor network engaged. 
  • Monitor outreach engagement metrics and iterate campaigns based on engagement. 
  • Become a product expert about Convictional’s vendor capabilities.
  • Tag newly added vendors in CRM and pull reports for sales teams to support their prospecting efforts. 
  • Coordinate and filter lead lists and enroll them into outreach campaigns.
  • Answer questions about Convinctional’s platform.
  • Achieve vendor sign-up goals.


  • Experience in a junior sales role as an intern, a BDR or SDR, or in a growth marketing position for an early stage startup.
  • Experience qualifying prospects during discovery calls and setting up the next steps. 
  • Experience generating outbound sales opportunities from cold outreach sequences (cold calling and cold emailing). 
  • Comfort in using CRM and sales engagement tools like HubSpot and 
  • Understanding of ecommerce platforms and ecosystems like Shopify. 

About You:

  • You are entrepreneurial in nature.
  • You are a generalist — you are capable of learning anything in sales and marketing. 
  • You aren’t afraid to follow up until you get to a yes or no. 
  • You are willing to provide and absorb direct feedback in order to learn faster. 
  • You are comfortable with ambiguity. You don’t need to be told what to do or how to do it. 
  • You are an excellent written and verbal communicator. 
  • You are creative and can independently create and test ideas that lead to better results. 
  • You are coachable and have a high degree of self-awareness. 
  • You have a long-term interest in sales. 
  • You have a bias for action. 
  • You possess Focused Intensity.


About Convictional:

Each year, trillions of dollars worth of GMV flow between suppliers and buyers. Without B2B commerce, retail and supply chain wouldn't exist as we know it today. The problem is that most B2B commerce flows through antiquated technology that was invented following WWII – Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Despite progress in B2C commerce, technology that enables B2B commerce remains woefully behind the times. Convictional is changing all of that for both sides of a B2B transaction. 

Convictional is rebuilding B2B commerce infrastructure, starting with ecommerce marketplaces. Today, our platform enables companies to launch ecommerce marketplaces by helping them onboard and integrate with third-party brands and vendors. We enable marketplaces and retailers to expand their product catalogues without taking on inventory risks. When a marketplace uses Convictional to onboard a vendor, they are also growing Convictional's trade network. 

Convictional's Culture:

At Convictional, we have a unique culture defined by a set of Core Values. We care deeply about personal and company growth, and we believe that rapid learning in the key to achieving that. To be successful here, you must possess a Learning Mindset. We don’t have ping pong tables or kombucha on tap. In fact, companies that actively promote these trappings probably seem slightly ridiculous to you. 

Instead, we want to assemble a team that values what is meaningful. We define that as wealth creation, finding truth, rapid personal growth, self-awareness, skin in the game, and working on hard stuff with a small team of intense and driven people. We call the collection of these ideas Focused Intensity. If you’re nodding your head while reading this, then we’d encourage you to apply. 

Some other things to be aware of: We care about directness delivered with kindness, intellectual debate, role-based autonomy, and uncapped compensation tied to performance. We value mental health, and we will go to great lengths to support you to be your best self at work. At work, you will have as few internal meetings as possible to facilitate deep work and flow state (that means we don’t use chat!). 

All of your learning is in front of you. If you want to build a massive company with us, then we’d love to speak with you. 

Know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!